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With our 360-degree holistically integrated, globally certified firefighting product portfolio and by bringing the high-end fire safety technology to the lower market denominators, we at Ceasefire have had a tradition of opening up the market opportunities for our business associates in a big way. Being manufacturer of our lifesaving technologies, we bring our range of products straight from our production facility with absolute confidence on our quality. 

What's more is that we hand-hold our business associates to grow along. We have an extremely comprehensive support module worked out for our partners to be able to truly take advantage of the Ceasefire eco-system and lead in the market place. A number of facilities & services are designed to give our partners a platform to gather knowledge and use the Ceasefire market experience to their advantage.


CCRM Portal


The Ceasefire Customer Relationship Management Portal (CCRM) is an exclusive login portal for business associates to have access to all company resources made available for them at one place.


This portal gives them a dashboard view access to every important business needs such as Technical Support, Order Tracking, Schedule Webinars, Marketing Support and a whole host of resources. 

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Extensive Technical Support

A key support to the Ceasefire Business Associates is the carefully crafted Technical Support module from the company.

This support module allows a Ceasefire Business Associate to request support through:

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Heading 1

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Learning & Development Support

A full-fledged Learning & Development team from Ceasefire, comprising of expert trainers, LMS professionals and subject mater specialists, come to stand at the disposal of the Ceasefire Businesses Associates.


The Ceasefire L&D cell makes sure every new business associate is brought up to speed on every aspect of the Ceasefire products and Sales processes training though:


CAFÉ (Ceasefire Academy of Forging Excellence) with easy self-learning modules, instructor-lead sessions, online tests and periodic evaluation    

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Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 10.46.57

Live Webinars

A regular feature at Ceasefire are Live Webinars.  

These Webinars are effective tool at the disposal of the Ceasefire Business Associates to market he Ceasefire  technologies to their customers, in addition to using these as a self-learning and doubt clearing sessions.


Ceasefire Experts pick up a particular product technology in a Webinar session and dwell deep into the explanation of the finer aspects of the product, taking audience through its live demonstration on real fires and taking questions through the chat window.


The Ceasefire E-Proposal Module allows the users to create most appealing and comprehensive proposal documents for their customers. This utility is created exclusively for Ceasefire Business Associates who do not have to worry about getting the company introduction right or technical details of the product(s) or even the grammar right themselves.


Here standard templates are available for the users to choose from and an elaborate Digital Library is available from where a variety of attachments such as PDF Data Sheets, Certificates, Video Links, PDF Brochures and lot more can be attached to the proposals to make them truly comprehensive.


The sign-off panel in every proposal is automatically customized for the user.

The E -Proposal


Marketing Support

The CCRM portal for the Ceasefire Business Associates allows them to access a whole host of Marketing Collaterals like Brochures, Presentations and Videos.


This Library of Marketing Collaterals is a dynamic one and keeps getting newer updates every now and then.


Integral part of this portal is the In-built Email Marketing Module that allows the Ceasefire Business Associates to create and send customized Email Campaigns for customers.


The utility has a provision for users to choose ready Emailer templates on various Ceasefire products, make necessary attachments to the emails (like PDF Brochures, Data Sheets, Video Links, Certificates, etc) and send to target customers. One can also choose from standard templates of communication in the form of SMS (Text Messages) and Whatsapp Massages on this portal.

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Order tracking and Logistics


The CCRM Login provides a totally smart dashboard view to Ceasefire Business Associates to be able to track all important events, activities & their progress.


This includes the status of their Orders, the status of their dispatch and transit.


All invoices and payment details are also readily available for the business associates so that they have only one place to go to for every important piece of information they need to successfully carry out their business alliance with Ceasefire.

Join hands with us..

At Ceasefire we are opening the market opportunities in the fire trade in a big way. With over 400 globally certified lifesaving product technologies now being used all over the world, we are about to redefine the markets of the future. Join hands with us for a promising business, as we continue our quest to “Increase the World’s safety quotient”

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