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Our manufacturing facility, based in India, is an ISO 9001 certified, state-of-the-art, backward-integrated production unit, with in-house container manufacturing, advance deep draw stations, In-house valve manufacturing, world-class paint shop and a highly sophisticated & fully equipped quality test lab. The facility is fully compliant to the Factory Production Control (FPC) requirements of the highest global standards including EN3, EN1866, LPCB, BSI, MED, PED, VDS and OHSAS.

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Our products are not just manufactured they are engineered to perfection to become the lifesavers they are.


Deep investments in research and development help Ceasefire design products at the in-house Design Centre; and produce critical components at the hi-tech Ceasefire manufacturing unit in Dehradun, India.


And a testing lab where a battery of the most stringent in-ward and out-ward tests determine that only the best quality products are sold.


The facility has an in-house valve manufacturing unit, and a world class deep draw machine equipped with an advanced hydraulics system.


With a total production capacity of 4.8 lakh product per annum, this ISO 9001 certified facility complies to OHSAS, and has PED approval for pressure filling.


There’s also an advanced MIG CO2 welding station with motorised technology that creates the strongest, smoothest seam joints.


Finally, tie-ups with the world's leading OEMs to customise components to our exact specifications ensure nothing but the best products.


A state-of-the-art paint shop for weather protection and seamless finish ensures no cracks, rusting or flaking.


Products that guarantee quality, a range that is certified by the best quality agencies of the world.

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