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Flat Pack Contractor Stand

Flat Pack Contractor Stand

Ceasefire’s Contractor Stand is a multi-utility fire safety station that stores fire extinguishers, safety signs, evacuation plan, medical kit and an evacuator as per the individual needs of the premises.


This being a comprehensive unit carries ample ammunation to provide first line of defence against fire. The stand comes with wheels that make it maneuverable, easy to cart around and can be taken to the point of fire with much ease.

    • Mild steel tubular body.
    • Outer body is epoxy polyester powder coated in red.
    • The base has plastic wheels with nylon tyres that aids easy mobility.
    • Comes in a box packaging for ease of transit and storage.
    • The Ceasefire Contractor Stand can accommodate 3 extinguishers, safety signs, manual alarm, and a fire plan.
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