Domestic Kitchen Fire Suppression System (Wet Chemical Based)

Domestic Kitchen Fire Suppression System (Wet Chemical Based)

  • The Ceasefire Wet Chemical Based Domestic Kitchen Fire Suppression System is tested by BSI and incorporates both manual and automatic protection by a pneumatic detection and actuation technique.


    How the System Works?

    The kitchen hood is covered with the pneumatic Heat Sensing Tube (HST). On coming with contact with fire, HST burst open at a pre-determined temperature. This leads to a drop of pressure which signals the indirect valve thereby activating the system. The strategically placed nozzles disperses the extinguishing agent evenly over the entire cook top area ensuring no blind spots during fire fighting.


    About Wet Chemical as an agent.

    Wet Chemical is a chemical foaming agent that is ideal to fight Class A, B and fires arising in the kitchen. The foam is an environment friendly agent. It is 99% biodegradable (up to 72% within three days).

    The wet chemical has a blanketing effect on the flames which cool the super heated oil to below its self-ignition point. Unlike the Class B fires (where the ignition point of fuels is low) cooking oils burn up at extremely high temperatures to the tune of 350 ̊C-380 ̊C.

    Wet Chemical is an ideal agent to address the peculiar challenges in kitchen fire fighting. Being a de-greasing substance, the extinguishing agent also doubles up as a cleaning agent for kitchen.

  • 24-hour Protection : Automatic detection and actuation controlsensure fire protection.



    Multiple Triggers: The system can be triggered either by the manual actuation system or the automatic detection system.



    Highly Effective: Wet chemical agentprevents re-ignition by cooling down thetemperature of the heated oil.



    No Collateral Damage: The Wet Chemical Extinguishing agent doubles up as a cleaning agent after use



    Unobtrusive Design : The system componentscamouflages into the current design ofkitchen



    Automatic fire suppression: requires no human activation



    Highly Reliable: Adapted from Ceasefire’sLPCB certified commercial kitchen suppressionsystems.