Domestic Kitchen Fire Suppression System (Water Mist Based)

Domestic Kitchen Fire Suppression System (Water Mist Based)

  • Ceasefire’s domestic kitchen fire suppression system takes care of the aesthetics of your painstakingly curated home.

    The detection device, activation nozzles and the agent cylinders are all carefully tucked inside so that the components of the system blends in the current scheme of things in the area of application, without clashing with the décor of the kitchen.


    How the system works


    Ceasefire domestic kitchen firefighting range operates automatically in the event of fire. This removes the risk of a person to fight the fire or even worse fight fire incorrectly.


    The system detects fire through its pneumatic heat sensing tube spread through the length of the hood. The tube helps in automatic detection and activation of the suppression system.


    On coming in contact with fire the HST ruptures at a pre-determined temperature, creating a pressure differential in the system valves, activating the system. Watermist is used as an extinguishing agent. Being a clean and green extinguishing agent there is minimal post fire damage and the kitchen can be wiped clean. Watermist does not cause any damage; either to the expensive kitchen equipment or food items.


    The extinguishing agent is discharged out of the specialized nozzles ensuring effective & efficient firefighting.


    The system is adept in handling all kinds of kitchen fires like fires arising due to deep frying, shallow frying, baking, grilling or roasting et al.


    On coming with contact with fire the watermist converts into steam. Steam blocks the oxygen supply and brings the temperature to below combustion levels thereby, extinguishing the fire.

  • 24-hour Protection: Automatic detection and actuation controlsensure fire protection.



    Multiple Triggers: The system can be triggered either by the manual actuation system or the automatic detection system.



    Highly Effective: Watermist prevents re-ignition by cooling down the temperature of the surrounding area.



    No Collateral Damage: Watermist being aclean agent does not cause any harm tokitchen or equipments.



    Unobtrusive Design: The system componentscamouflages into the current design ofkitchen



    Automatic fire suppression: requires no human activation



    Highly Reliable: Adapted from Ceasefire’sLPCB certified commercial kitchen suppressionsystems.